Connect with Indigenous Communities

Connect with Indigenous Communities is an adaptation of Connect that strives to ensure respectful recognition and sensitivity to Indigenous culture. It is flexible and invites adaptation by Indigenous communities to best represent their cultural and caregiving practices and needs. Connect with Indigenous Communities is a free 10-week program supporting caregivers of pre-teens (ages 8 – 12) and teens (ages 13 – 17). Caregivers meet in groups of 8-10 with two group leaders from within their community, 1.5 hours each week. Connect with Indigenous Communities supports families in ways that are safe and respectful, integrating traditional cultural knowledge, in accordance with local communities.

Through mutual dialogue and partnership with communities, we continue to collaborate and gather information about how to make the program stronger and to ensure cultural sensitivity and safety. The program has been structured so that leaders can adapt the program to fit the needs within each community. Connect with Indigenous Communities is shaped in collaboration with Aboriginal families, mental health professionals and researchers. We have been working in collaboration with Indigenous peoples and communities on-reserve, off-reserve, urban and rural since 2014. Information gathered belongs to each community; and with consent, new knowledge will be shared broadly to support learning.

For any questions regarding Connect with Indigenous Communities, please contact:

Siobhan Avery Annette McComb