Current & Past Funding


* Denotes peer reviewed funding agency.

2015-2022 Canada Research Chair in Youth Clinical Psychological Science, Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR; Tier 1). $1,400,000.
2011-2016* Effectiveness of a Relational Intervention in Reducing Violence and Victimization in At-risk Adolescent Girls and Boys. Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR) Team Grant. Principal Investigator. $1,473,013.00


2013-2016* Reducing reoffending and building resilience in adolescent offenders: Development, implementation, and evaluation of a toolkit. Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Co-Investigator Partnership Development Grant. $199,216.00
2014 Strengthening Parent-Teen Relationships: Pathways to Improving Mental Health and Wellbeing of Aboriginal Youth and Caregivers. (Letter of Intent) Pathways Implementation Research Team, CIHR Institutes, Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) & Health Canada and in partnership. Principal Investigator$5,000
2011-2014* Strengthening Parent-Teen Relationships to Reduce Risk and Enhance Healthy Development: A Sex and Gender Framework in Translating Research into Practice. Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR), Institute for Gender and Health (IGH). Principal Investigator. $551,943.00
2011-2015* A Societal Approach to Preventing Violence and Achieving Healthy Relationships. Networks of Centres of Excellence, Knowledge Mobilization. Co-Investigator. $1,600.000.00
2011-2014* Addressing the Consequences of Violence and Trauma: A Health Intervention for Women in an Indigenous Context. CIHR, IGH, Co-Investigator. $165,6175.00
2009-2014* Centre for Research on Gender and Social Disparities in Mental Health and Addictions. CIHR, Centres for Research Development in Gender, Mental Health and Addictions. Co-Investigator. $1,990,117.00
2009-2014* Violence and Victimization: Reducing Risk and Promoting Health and Well Being for Girls and Young Women. CIHR, IHG, Senior Research Chair. Principal Investigator. $925,000.00
2011-2012 The mental health needs of high-risk youth in British Columbia: A qualitative evaluation of resilience, service utilization and barriers to care. Office of the Representative of Children and Youth. Primary Investigator, $30,000.00
2011-2012* Reducing Violence and Victimization in Adolescence: A Sex and Gender Based Analysis and Intervention Strategy. CIHR, Team Grant: Violence, Gender and Health. Principal Investigator. $10,000.00 for preparation of full application.
2007-2012* Transition to Young Adulthood in Girls at Risk for Aggression and Antisocial Behaviour: Risk, Resilience and Developmental Trajectories. CIHR, IGH. Principal Investigator. $952,314.00
2009-2010* Canada-U.S. Gender and Health Research Group. CIHR. Meeting, Planning and Dissemination Grant: Gender, Sex and Health. Co-Investigator. $15,000.00
2002-2007* Aggressive and violent girls: Contributing factors, developmental course and intervention strategies. CIHR, New Emerging Research Team. Principal Investigator. $1,231,992.00
2006* Connecting the Dots to prevent bullying and victimization from preschool to high school. Strategic Clusters. SSHRC Strategic Research Clusters. Co-Investigator. $25,000.00
2006* Understanding aggression and violence in adolescent girls and boys: A cross-cultural examination of developmental pathways, social, physical and mental health outcomes. CIHR, International Opportunities Program Development/Planning Grant. Principal Investigator. $25,000.00
2005* Transition to adolescence and risk for psychopathology. CIHR, Team Grant, RFA Support Grant. Principal Investigator. $8,000.00
2004-2007* Child & Youth Developmental Trajectories Research Unit (CYDTRU): Developmental trajectories of children and youth. Michael Smith Foundation for Health ResearchCo-Investigator. $1,000,000.00
2004-2006* Hearing the voices of marginalized ethnocultural girls: How community change can address their needs for safe and equal inclusion. Canadian Heritage Multiculturalism Program. Co-Investigator. $74,000.00
2004-2005* Giving voice to marginalized girls: Understanding their needs as a first step in reducing violence. National Crime Prevention Strategy, Community Mobilization Program. Principal Investigator. $15,000.00
2002-2005* Evaluating children at high risk for social and academic failure. Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP). Co-Investigator. $86,000.00
2003 Adolescent Mental Health: Evidence Based Interventions Models and ProgramsMinistry for Family and Child Development. Principal Investigator. $52,000.00
2002-2005* Aggressive and violent girls. Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP). Principal Investigator. $60,000.00
1999-2002* Self-Regulatory Functions of Self-Other Representations: Individual & Developmental Considerations. Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada. Principal Investigator. $70,065.00
1999-2001* High-risk adolescents with substance use problems: A prospective study of adjustment. Steel Fund. Principal Investigator. $14,000.00
1997-1999* Aggressive and violent girls: Risk factors and developmental paths. British Columbia Health Research Foundation. Principal Investigator. $56,251.91.00
1996-1998 Conduct disorder: Etiological factors and treatment programs. Forensic Psychiatric Commission of British Columbia. Principal Investigator. $20,000.00
1995-1997* Gender Differences in Substance Use Among High Risk Adolescents. Steel Fund. Principal Investigator. $17,962.00
1992-1995* Interpersonal aspects of self-representation: Own versus other perspectives on the self. Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada. Principal Investigator. $69,000.00
1993-1994* Predicting substance use in conduct-disordered youth from attachment problems and psychological distress. Steel Fund. Principal Investigator. $10,000.00
1991-1992* Automatic and controlled behavior: A comparison of incarcerated and unincarcerated adolescents and adults. Social Science & Humanities Research Council of Canada, Small Grants Program. Co-Investigator. $4,000.00
1990-1991 Self-Representation and Depression in Children. President’s Research Grant, Simon Fraser University. Principal Investigator. $4,000.00
1988-1991* Self-evaluative standards and self-referent information processing. Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada. Principal Investigator. $41,655.18
1988-1991* Children at risk: The offspring of depressed and chronically ill mothers. Laidlaw Foundation. Co-Investigator. $27,705.20
1986-1989 Self-reference effects. University of Waterloo, Faculty of Arts Research Grant. Principal Investigator. $10,000.00